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Not everything is about SEO and being on the first page of google and having visitors. If you don't convert the visitors to your customers you have lost the game! One the most important factors to make customers out of visitors is a perfect website which makes users stay and buy. We believe we are the best web design and SEO agency in Berlin and our web design specialists in Germany will create websites which turns visitors to customers.


SEO is the future! Many businesses are fading away just because they are not on the 1st page of Google. We try our best to be the best SEO agency in Berlin and Germany. Our SEO experts and specialists in FastSEO with long duration of work and experience in the field in Berlin will help you to boom your business by making your website show up on the first page of Google and also other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.


In this new era of information branding has become critical to all businesses. Branding changes the way people see your brand and company and how they react to it. Branding is important because the company gets recognition and consumers start to know about it everywhere. One of the most important factors for branding is logo. At FastSEO and with our best SEO experts in Berlin we will make your brand famous!

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In This new age which customers are more millennials than any other ages, social medias play an important role. Millennials are one of the most important potential customers and key to success of most businesses these days and they love social media. In our digital marketing agency in Berlin we offer best solutions for social media management. Social medias such as Facebook and Instagram are very popular between new generation and millennials and if you manage them well you can boom your business and earn a lot of loyal customers.

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If you have 1000 visitor per day but you can't turn them to customers, you are just wasting you money. Digital marketing is much more than simple advertising on the Internet. You need to create customers from users and then turn them to loyal customers. Our digital marketing experts in Germany will help you to turn users to customers and also turn customers to loyal customers. Even we will go one level higher so your loyal customers become your promoters so they will start advertising about your company just because they love your company.

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Since Steve Jobs introduced first iPhone in 2007 digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Nowadays most of the searches are done through smart phones and most of people use smart phones to navigate through social media and buy products using them. Our digital marketing and Search engine optimization experts and specialists in Berlin will help you to optimize and boost your mobile marketing on iPhone and Android devices by optimizing your websites for mobile and creating mobile apps.

By increasing use of internet and virtual society, we can say that internet has an important role these days and has been one of the family member for users. But to profit from advantages of this virtual society, we need to create and design web site. In this article we want to present the definition of web site and we hope this will be useful for people who are interested in designing web.

Web design embraces many different skills in the creation and production of websites. Sometime many people will work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although some designers will cover them all. The phrase of web design is usually to describe the design process. In general web design overlaps web engineering in a more extensive extent of web development.

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The history of web design

Although the history of web design is not very old but it can be linked to other content such as graphic design. However we can observe web design from a technological point of view. These days, web design is an important part of every business and also their daily life. Website is a place on the internet that holds a page or number of pages for a special purpose. In fact website is a collection of page that created for a specific target.

The web design is exactly creating an internet base for presenting some services, selling products and show information. Web design is a process that consist of content creation and graphic design and the SEO principle should be considered in it. In fact, if you want to create a powerful website that you can bring everything you want to the first page of Google, you should consider all of the technical principle of website designing.

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The procedure of web design

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Planning
  3. Research before creating a website
  4. General research
  5. Advertising

The website consist of a main page that this page called home. The website also consist of other pages and each of them are created for a special purpose. But the main page or home page is the most important part of a website and it is very important for users. All other page of website are known by home page as a link of the home page is dedicated to them and the users can visit their favorite and needed parts by click on it. In fact, the home page is mother of all of web page. There are two type of website: static website and dynamic website. We can use both of them for website design.

Web designers use a variety of different tools and technologies depending on what part of the production process they are involved in. These tools are updated over time according to new standard and also new software but their main principle dose not change. Web designer to create web formatted imagery or design prototype, use both vector and raster graphic editors. For web design we need some tools. One of the most important tools for web designing is a good computer with an updated operating system. But the more important tool for web designing is different coding language. The tools of web design are usually quite different from each other depending their process. As we refer in last paragraph, these tools are usually replaced over time with newer version to make web design easier. Surely, their main content remain fixed and only their performance will change. A web designer uses some tools and technologies such as PHP, CSS, HTML.

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Related jobs to web design

In addition to a web designer, in order a website becomes successful and shines in Google results, many people should work on it hard. In fact web design is only the beginning of a great process to make website to a successful website. When you start an online business, you should design a good website at first. In this process not only you work with website designer but also collaborate with other specialists. In this article we will review the related business to the website design. Some of the related businesses are:

  • You need a graphic artist to design buttons and a suitable logo for you.
  • You need a digital marketing specialist to know what strategies you should use to get the most effective traffic to your site by using online marketing techniques.
  • You need also a copy writing specialist. This specialist help you to create right content and pursuing SEO purpose. As you know, today one of the most important tools to raise website and attract effective traffic for website design is proper content and also the exact worlds that should be used. A person who is specialist in content creation and also a digital marketing specialist can help you a lot and your website will be on the first page of Google by their help. Of course if you want your website look better and has more effect it is better to employ a SEO specialist.

As you observed, the website design is not limited to technical knowledge, learning principle of coding and making an online site. For website design you need all the specialist. There are different kind of website. Website designer have different goals. Today, there is a website for every purpose for example the most popular website is selling website. With a simple research on internet you will find a large number of commercial website and also a lot of active personal weblog. If you exactly consider all of these website, you will understand that most successful websites are those which have followed principle of website design and also have used SEO. These website can present their information to their visitor and customer in a good way.

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