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Not everything is about SEO and being on the first page of google and having visitors. If you don't convert the visitors to your customers you have lost the game! One the most important factors to make customers out of visitors is a perfect website which makes users stay and buy. We believe we are the best web design and SEO agency in Germany and our web design specialists in Germany will create websites which turns visitors to customers.


SEO is the future! Many businesses are fading away just because they are not on the 1st page of Google. We try our best to be the best SEO agency in Berlin and Germany. Our SEO experts and specialists in FastSEO with long duration of work and experience in the field in Berlin will help you to boom your business by making your website show up on the first page of Google and also other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.


In this new era of information branding has become critical to all businesses. Branding changes the way people see your brand and company and how they react to it. Branding is important because the company gets recognition and consumers start to know about it everywhere. One of the most important factors for branding is logo. At FastSEO and with our best SEO experts in Berlin we will make your brand famous!

Social Media

In This new age which customers are more millennials than any other ages, social medias play an important role. Millennials are one of the most important potential customers and key to success of most businesses these days and they love social media. In our digital marketing agency in Berlin we offer best solutions for social media management. Social medias such as Facebook and Instagram are very popular between new generation and millennials and if you manage them well you can boom your business and earn a lot of loyal customers.

Conversion Optimization

If you have 1000 visitor per day but you can't turn them to customers, you are just wasting you money. Digital marketing is much more than simple advertising on the Internet. You need to create customers from users and then turn them to loyal customers. Our digital marketing experts in Berlin will help you to turn users to custmers and also turn customers to loyal customers. Even we will go one level higher so your loyal customers become your promoters so they will start advertising about your company just because they love your company.

Mobile marketing

Since Steve Jobs introduced first iPhone in 2007 digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Nowadays most of the searches are done through smart phones and most of people use smart phones to navigate through social media and buy products using them. Our digital marketing and Search engine optimization experts and specialists in Germany will help you to optimize and boost your mobile marketing on iPhone and Android devices by optimizing your websites for mobile and creating mobile apps.

Digital marketing is the marketing of services or products that use digital technology, mostly on the internet and also include display advertising, mobile phone and any other digital media. Digital marketing is a set of activity that uses for advertising products and services by using digital tools. It is a very simple definition of digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing is much wider than others marketing method in traditional business.

The term digital marketing has considered since two last decades as a subset of marketing management and advertising management. But due to development of information technology  in recent years, increasing online users, using mobile phone widely and also increasing use of internet in the world; digital marketing is considered as an independent knowledge and expertise. In this article we want to describe digital marketing and its tools. We also refer some points about the advantages of digital marketing. So if you want be familiar with digital marketing, follow us in this article.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means using the available tools in internet and digital world for marketing products and services. In fact, in this way we are more dependent to digital media like social networks. Using social networks, will help us in digital marketing. There is no difference that our digital marketing in social networks is free or not. Using any type of media related to digital business can help us in digital marketing. For example by optimizing our site, we can present a lot of products and service to our customer by different browser like Google. In this article we will talk about tools and method of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not limited to online businesses. Many people think that digital marketing is just for businesses that have a website but it is not true at all. There are many traditional businesses that try to present their services and products to their customer by digital advertising. In digital marketing we want to analyze the behavior of users and audiences through some tools such as website, email and social networks until after doing survey could obtain most profit on these person. In fact, in digital marketing our main purpose is selling. Perhaps in traditional marketing you will never reach to a wide range of customers.

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The history of digital marketing

The development and increasing of digital marketing is not separate from technology development. One of the most important points in the start of digital marketing, occurred in 1971. Ray Tomlinson sent his first email and his technology made an ideology to let people receive and send files via different machines. However, the start of digital marketing was at 1990. In the 1980, the storage capacity of computer was big enough to store huge volume of customer information.

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Why you should invest in digital marketing in Berlin

We can define digital marketing by the use of numerous digital channels and tactics to connect with customers and buyers which spend most of their time on line in the internet and buy everything they need via internet. Almost most of people know many different websites and can find everything they want from these sites. Today, digital marketing has a significant development in most society. Digital marketing has been a profitable business these days. If someone want to be a successful digital marker and do his best in his business should observe some points. Digital marketers should have a clear picture of how each digital marketing campaign help and support their overarching purpose. And depend on their purpose, marketers can support a larger campaign through the paid and free channels at their access.

In the modern world, an important part of your marketing strategy is digital. Businesses and consumers alike are almost always on line and you try to observe their behavior where they spend most of their time. There are some steps to reach to a powerful digital marketing strategy. According to a managing digital marketing study, many of brands and marks do not have a specified digital marketing strategy and only 16 percent have a defined strategy but they have not integrated this strategy to their business and marketing activity yet. If you do not have any special plan for your business, how can you expect innovate and grow, learn from past mistake and measure significant result?

It is time to stop fear from mistakes. We should start crafting a plan that can peak a powerful goal for us. We have describe some of the most important that you as a successful digital marker should take to insure that your digital marketing effort create a real strike on you.

  1. You should specify what you want and also set your goals and objective:
  • At first define your business overall mission. Your grand plan should coordinate with your digital marketing mission.
  • What is your most important goal from digital marketing and what you want to achieve? For example do you want to position your company as the go to online provider for computer parts in your country?
  1. Learn from your mistake and analyze your past:

You do not need to go into the planning period in the dark. By analyze your digital marketing strategy past failure and success, you can focus on setting the best KPI for your business. So you might want to complete step one and two together. Select a time period you would like to analyze and the best time is the period as the same length of time you plan for your new digital marketing.

How we can analyze:

  • Specify the time period you would like to analyze and set your Google Analytics calendar to match this time frame.
  • To compare to your progress to your rivals, try out Google Benchmarking reports in your Analytics account.
  • you should also analyze your rivals marketing strategy and create an analyze spreadsheet of their online activities.
  • At regular intervals ask yourself: is there anything else I need to analyze that I have not thought of before? You should think carefully about them.

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