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Not everything is about SEO and being on the first page of google and having visitors. If you don't convert the visitors to your customers you have lost the game! One the most important factors to make customers out of visitors is a perfect website which makes users stay and buy. We believe we are the best web design and SEO agency in Vancouver and our web design specialists in Vancouver will create websites which turns visitors to customers.


SEO is the future! Many businesses are fading away just because they are not on the 1st page of Google. We try our best to be the best SEO agency in Vancouver and Canada. Our SEO experts and specialists in FastSEO with long duration of work and experience in the field in Vancouver will help you to boom your business by making your website show up on the first page of Google and also other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.


In this new era of information branding has become critical to all businesses. Branding changes the way people see your brand and company and how they react to it. Branding is important because the company gets recognition and consumers start to know about it everywhere. One of the most important factors for branding is logo. At FastSEO and with our best SEO experts in Vancouver we will make your brand famous!

Social Media

In This new age which customers are more millennials than any other ages, social medias play an important role. Millennials are one of the most important potential customers and key to success of most businesses these days and they love social media. In our digital marketing agency in Vancouver we offer best solutions for social media management. Social medias such as Facebook and Instagram are very popular between new generation and millennials and if you manage them well you can boom your business and earn a lot of loyal customers.

Conversion Optimization

If you have 1000 visitor per day but you can't turn them to customers, you are just wasting you money. Digital marketing is much more than simple advertising on the Internet. You need to create customers from users and then turn them to loyal customers. Our digital marketing experts in Vancouver will help you to turn users to customers and also turn customers to loyal customers. Even we will go one level higher so your loyal customers become your promoters so they will start advertising about your company just because they love your company.

Mobile marketing

Since Steve Jobs introduced first iPhone in 2007 digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Nowadays most of the searches are done through smart phones and most of people use smart phones to navigate through social media and buy products using them. Our digital marketing and Search engine optimization experts and specialists in Vancouver will help you to optimize and boost your mobile marketing on iPhone and Android devices by optimizing your websites for mobile and creating mobile apps.

SEO is abbreviation term for Search Engine Optimization. more than 80 percent of people use Google to search everything they need on the Internet so by search engine we usually mean Google. The main purpose of SEO is optimizing our site for Google. Although recently Microsoft search engine that named Bing has been a little important but it is not comparable with Google. Without Google, SEO has no meaning. In fact, all of us try to raise our site in Google by the words that is related to our business and more users search them. In this article we want to talk about SEO  in detail. We will explain all important points about SEO. We will say: what is SEO exactly? And how SEO can revolutionize on line business and finally you will familiar with magic of SEO. Also in this article we talk about techniques of SEO in 2019. We will discuss about these issues in this article:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Which sites receive a good rank from Google?
  3. What is on page SEO?
  4. What is off page SEO?
  5. Why should we SEO our site?
  6. Why SEO is better than other internet advertising methods?
  7. Advertising is better in Google or SEO?
  8. Why Google penalize some sites?
  9. Why a content with a high quality is important in SEO?
  10. Is the site form and appearance important in SEO?

SEO Vancouver

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Which sites receive a good rank from Google?
  3. What is on page SEO?
  4. What is off page SEO?
  5. Why should we SEO our site?
  6. Why SEO is better than other internet advertising methods?
  7. Advertising is better in Google or SEO?
  8. Why Google penalize some sites?
  9. Why a content with a high quality is important in SEO?
  10. Is the site form and appearance important in SEO?


  1. What is SEO?

SEO is a set of process and instructions that we must do on our website to get a good result in search engine.

SEO is not a short time process. Some people think that they can do SEO just one time. But SEO is a continual and permanent process.

Although many people use illegal ways to optimize their site for search engine to observe their ideal result as soon as possible. But you should know that SEO dose not device search engine. SEO dose something that search engine believe that our site is good.

Of course, as we mentioned before, in most countries many people use Google as search engine. In fact, what we do for our website is because of getting rank from Google.

We can improve our site with SEO. When we are improving our site and our site is in the best position, it becomes an ideal site for Google. Google will get good rank to the sites which are in the best position.

Some people thinks that SEO have some tricks that we can use them to raise our site in Google. There is no tricks in SEO that raise your site to the first ranks of Google in a short time. SEO is not an unattainable knowledge. SEO is a set of specific instructions that we should perform that carefully. SEO has some principle that Google wants other site follow and consider it.

In my opinion, the experience in SEO is very important. If you have more experience about SEO, you will get more result about it.        

  1. Which sites receive a good rank from Google?

Web do not want really talk about which site receive good ranks from Google and what are the main factors of Google in ranking. In general and in a simple language, Google gives good ranks to the sites that firstly emphasize the users and thinks about their needs and secondly have a high credit in websites and are reliable and safe.

In general, these two points are very important for Google and this cause to make on page SEO and off page SEO.

Emphasizing users means that we should have a site that is useful in any case for them and also they can work with our site easily. Our SEO site should have useful content, good appearance, arranged elements and a good speed of loading. All of these point make our site a popular site for users.

  1. what is on page SEO?

All the activity that we do inside our site to improve first and important part of SEO in our site, called internal SEO or on page SEO. The purpose of internal SEO is optimizing our internal site for Google. Using the principles and rules in creating content and put it in site, optimizing the title and structure of web page, increasing the speed of loading and any other action that we do in our site to optimize our site for Google, are part of requirement of internal SEO.

Current mistakes in on page SEO:

  • Using copied content in content creation of site
  • Using several pages for a keyword and lack of aggregation of them
  • Long paragraph and sentences
  • Having short or long title or being repetitious
  • Too much Concentrate on keywords on article of site
  1. What is off page or external SEO?

In fact everything has related to gain credit of our site in web is related to external SEO. The purpose of getting credit is making brand in web. When other site discuss about us or we become famous and popular in social media and get more followers is because of getting credit in SEO.

The most actions for external SEO are made to build backlinks. In fact, more people use external SEO to build backlinks. Surely, it has some principle and rules, that we will explain it.

Current mistakes in off page SEO:

  • Getting a lot of backlinks from poor and invalid sites
  • Buying Site-Wide backlinks
  • Getting a lot of links in a short time
  • Do not analyzing status of rivals and have no attention to their activity
  • Lack of knowledge about new algorithm of Google
  • Not using social media and social bookmarks
  • Delete or change other links without considering their situation.
  1. Why we should perform SEO on our site?

As you know, all around the world, search engine have many audience. We can say almost 98 percent of internet users search on internet by search engine for everything they need. Hence, receiving traffic from search engine is very important to us and also is so useful.

Because the search engine present the best result to the users. If we can optimize our site by the words that our users search, and be on the top of the search result, surely we will get more visitors.

SEO is one of the best strategies in world of marketing and internet advertising and by long time investment on it in the future, we can have more customers with low costs.

SEO agency in Vancouver

In general we SEO our site to:

  • Get more traffic
  • Having more users for our site
  • Having more targeted customers
  • Gain trust of people more
  • Do not think about costly advertising
  • Distance the rivals
  • Support our brand
  • Being famous in web and become unreachable

Experience has shown that investing on SEO is better than investing on other advertising ways. Of course the main subject in SEO is consuming in time and in general SEO other than advertising ways, needs less wealth.

  1. Why SEO is better than other internet advertising ways?

The costs of SEO is very low and affordable than other advertising ways in the internet. Because we can attract more users by SEO and therefore earning money is so high.  

The cost of branding in so is so low which is not comparable to other methods such as video marketing or social marketing. When your site be in the top of the search result, your brand will be stronger. Any search engine can not brand your site as well as Google.

SEO is more targeted than other advertising methods. In all type of internet advertising ways, we have to show our advertisement to customers but in SEO we try to convince customers to look for us and finally find us.

  1. What is the difference between advertising in Google and SEO?

It is true that by advertising in Google you can get first rank by the words about your business but you can never use these advertisement forever.

SEO Canada

For every business, especially small business, Google advertisement is not always affordable. But SEO is permanent and although you should spend more time to your SEO site and you need more time to reach to your ideal result but you will pay only one time forever.

  1. Why dose Google penalize some sites?

In a simple words, Google penalize two categories of sites: the first categories are the site which are worthless and in fact do not have anything to present. And the second one are the sites which try to reach to first page of Google with illegal methods.

  1. Why a content with high quality is important in SEO?

As you know people refer to Google to find their needs. And Google represents sites which have complete information. For this reason, the sites which have useful content, are more likely to be seen in search result.

  1. Is the site form and appearance is important in SEO?

The appearance of site dose not effect on SEO directly. The quality of content the site is very important for users. It is very important that everything put on its place on your site and it is related to the arranged element on your site.

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