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Not everything is about SEO and being on the first page of google and having visitors. If you don't convert the visitors to your customers you have lost the game! One the most important factors to make customers out of visitors is a perfect website which makes users stay and buy. We believe we are the best web design and SEO agency in Oman and our web design specialists in Oman will create websites which turns visitors to customers.


SEO is the future! Many businesses are fading away just because they are not on the 1st page of Google. We try our best to be the best SEO agency in Muscat and Oman. Our SEO experts and specialists in FastSEO with long duration of work and experience in the field in Muscat will help you to boom your business by making your website show up on the first page of Google and also other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.


In this new era of information branding has become critical to all businesses. Branding changes the way people see your brand and company and how they react to it. Branding is important because the company gets recognition and consumers start to know about it everywhere. One of the most important factors for branding is logo. At FastSEO and with our best SEO experts in Muscat we will make your brand famous!

Social Media

In This new age which customers are more millennials than any other ages, social medias play an important role. Millennials are one of the most important potential customers and key to success of most businesses these days and they love social media. In our digital marketing agency in Muscat we offer best solutions for social media management. Social medias such as Facebook and Instagram are very popular between new generation and millennials and if you manage them well you can boom your business and earn a lot of loyal customers.

Conversion Optimization

If you have 1000 visitor per day but you can't turn them to customers, you are just wasting you money. Digital marketing is much more than simple advertising on the Internet. You need to create customers from users and then turn them to loyal customers. Our digital marketing experts in Oman will help you to turn users to custmers and also turn customers to loyal customers. Even we will go one level higher so your loyal customers become your promoters so they will start advertising about your company just because they love your company.

Mobile marketing

Since Steve Jobs introduced first iPhone in 2007 digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Nowadays most of the searches are done through smart phones and most of people use smart phones to navigate through social media and buy products using them. Our digital marketing and Search engine optimization experts and specialists in Oman will help you to optimize and boost your mobile marketing on iPhone and Android devices by optimizing your websites for mobile and creating mobile apps.

What is web design?

Web design is one of the first steps in the field of digital marketing. Website design has different sections and web design is done by web designer. Web design refers to the design of different websites that are represented in the internet. Web design usually used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers, but since 2016, designing for tablet and mobile browsers has become very important in world of technology and grow increasingly.

A web designer usually works on layout, appearance and also content of a web site. For example, appearance relates to the font, colors and images that web designer used. Layout and plan refers to how information categorized and structured. The characteristic of a good web design is that it can be used easily by users and also suits for everyone to use. Many websites are designed very simply so most of people can use it easily. There are two most common methods for web designing that work very well both on mobile and desktop. They are adaptive and responsive design. In adaptive design the website content is fixed in plan size that match common screen size. But in responsive design depend on screen size, content of sites moves dynamically. These two methods used by all web designer.

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After the process of collecting and analyzing and also surveying data about filed of your business and your competitors, and knowing about what people are interested in it, the web planner should do something in this regard. In this process, creating a website for making a good and successful business is the most important subject in the field of marketing. Totally web design can help you to improve your business and it is an important credit for your business.

The process of web designing is a complex and time consuming activity and for creating a good website, web designer should do their best until they can obtain their ideal results. The first step in process of creating web design is planning it. In general, web design is creating and building web pages. These days, by growing web design and using it by most organization, organs, companies and many different business, it is known as most important activity in the internet and virtual world and many specialists work on it. Web design is not a simple work and everyone who wants to work in this field, at first should pass special course.

As we mentioned before, the website that you plan for your business, can introduce your services and your products well and if your web design is good and could attract people in many cases, you will be successful in a short time.

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What is a web site?

In a simple language, web design is a collection of different files such as images, texts or programmed file that are linked together for a special purpose. These files are located on a computer that called server and can be searched by a common domain name.

Who is web designer?

A web designer, based on the purpose of site and also purpose of its audience and by using proper elements with approach of site and by helping his creative mind and high ability to apply different dimensions and beautiful colors, will create a plan that attract people. The web design should not be boring and repetitive for users. In general, website designers have different goals for creating their web sites. Most web deigns created for selling product and giving different services to people. A web designer should have high ability in regard of web programming and use of different tools to create a good website. A website designer has different tasks and responsibility depend on which process is involved in it. In general, in planning and starting a site, we need two team to design the back end and front end. The backend design specialist is a person who is responsible for writing different codes to create main structure of web site.

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Why you should design a website for your business?

Designing a website and creating different parts of it is very important to introduce your brand and also your business. Therefore, in regard of web design we should consider various aspects and because of progress of internet we should be up to date and increase and upgrade our information about every things in our sites. For general and commercial website, the following points are very important:

  1. The web design should be proportional and based on title and content of subject. For example if web design is related to a food brand and its content is about food field, so the web design of this brand should be related with its field of activity.
  2. All content, subject and information of website should be in accordance with purpose of your business and all the information about tour brand should be given in your site.
  3. Your web design should be understandable for everyone. So the people who are not completely familiar with web design can connect it easily and also can search everything they may need in web. If the website is so large and contain a lot of information, the web designer should arrange the information in a way that everyone can find his or her subject. It means that the information in the site should be available and users can find it easily.
  4. The structure of web design should be perfect. The format and plan of web site should have stability and constancy. For web design it is better to use specialist and skilled web designer. They can solve your problem and also help you to create a good web site.
  5. The style of writing in web site should be fluent and specialized and should be proper with content of site and also should be favorites of audiences.

By considering this points, you will be successful in web designing and your web site can improve in a short time.

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We are using the service of FastSEO in our company in Oman for two years. When we started using these services, our traffic increased more than 80 percent. It had also a great effect on our business and lead our website got a high rank in Google. We had a wonderful progress in our online business in these years and therefore we decided to use these services for ever.
Edvard Nikelson
web designer
Web design is one of the famous agency that I have ever used to design my websites and I use it to design my website in a better way in Oman. By using web design in our company in Oman, we attracted more clients, we created visual language for our brand which is consistent across different contexts. By using web design, my websites; my business cards and also my logo have to form a coherent whole.
Ali Abdoghader
Web artist