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Not everything is about SEO and being on the first page of google and having visitors. If you don't convert the visitors to your customers you have lost the game! One the most important factors to make customers out of visitors is a perfect website which makes users stay and buy. We believe we are the best web design and SEO agency in Turkey and our web design specialists in Turkey will create websites which turns visitors to customers.


SEO is the future! Many businesses are fading away just because they are not on the 1st page of Google. We try our best to be the best SEO agency in Istanbul, Anakara, Izmir, Antalya and all Turkey. Our SEO experts and specialists in FastSEO with long duration of work and experience in the field in Turkey will help you to boom your business by making your website show up on the first page of Google and also other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.


In this new era of information branding has become critical to all businesses. Branding changes the way people see your brand and company and how they react to it. Branding is important because the company gets recognition and consumers start to know about it everywhere. One of the most important factors for branding is logo. At FastSEO and with our best SEO experts in Istanbul we will make your brand famous!

Social Media

In This new age which customers are more millennials than any other ages, social medias play an important role. Millennials are one of the most important potential customers and key to success of most businesses these days and they love social media. In our digital marketing agency in Istanbul we offer best solutions for social media management. Social medias such as Facebook and Instagram are very popular between new generation and millennials and if you manage them well you can boom your business and earn a lot of loyal customers.

Conversion Optimization

If you have 1000 visitor per day but you can't turn them to customers, you are just wasting you money. Digital marketing is much more than simple advertising on the Internet. You need to create customers from users and then turn them to loyal customers. Our digital marketing experts in Turkey will help you to turn users to custmers and also turn customers to loyal customers. Even we will go one level higher so your loyal customers become your promoters so they will start advertising about your company just because they love your company.

Mobile marketing

Since Steve Jobs introduced first iPhone in 2007 digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Nowadays most of the searches are done through smart phones and most of people use smart phones to navigate through social media and buy products using them. Our digital marketing and Search engine optimization experts and specialists in Turkey will help you to optimize and boost your mobile marketing on iPhone and Android devices by optimizing your websites for mobile and creating mobile apps.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing of services and products that will perform by using digital technologies and mainly on the internet such as mobile phone and other display screen like computer and any digital media. This is a kind of advertising marketing that has an especial place among advertisers because of its low cost, long lasting and being comprehensive. Digital marketing work none stop and has the ability to change ever needed.  Because of progress of information in last decades and increasing use of internet in the world, digital marketing is considered as an independent knowledge.

Totally, digital marketing is a new method for internet business. We can say digital marketing is set of activity that we can use to introduce our products and services to customers by digital tools. The customers can offer everything they need easily and if you have attractive advertisement, you will have more customers. In fact digital marketing means to use of all digital tools such as websites, applications, on line advertising, social networks, on line marketing and mobile marketing for a specific purpose that called marketing. Digital marketing can also increase sell and make brands.

These days, by increasing use of internet, the knowledge and method of marketing tend to internet. In this article we will examine the new marketing strategies and also marketing in world of internet. In fact, digital marketing is using new media in internet world of marketing. These days by expanding use of internet and virtual networks, people have more activity in this especial world. This market has been advanced very well that attract the share of television advertisement and advertising billboards to itself. According to the last research, totally the 70 percent of share of advertisement in television and billboards has conserved to advertising and marketing. This subject is a good reason for presence of economist men in world of internet.

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Digital marketing tools for modern age

As you know because of unprecedented increasing in digital marketing you should be aware about all subjects and have full information about new technologies in digital marketing. In this article we describe the main tools of digital marketing for you:

  1. Having a professional website
  2. Using mobile and smart device to advertise
  3. Using social networks
  4. Using email marketing
  5. Using proprietary advertisement such as Google and click advertising

All of these digital tools that you can use to introduce your business in the world of internet to your users and other people, can be a new tools in digital marketing. So if you want to have a powerful and successful digital marketing, you should know that all the tools that can help you to be successful in digital marketing are important tools in digital era. You can use the experience of people who are successful and targeted in digital marketing. Surely it is a good idea for people who are new comer in digital marketing. There are a lot of key points in digital marketing. The following points are more important subjects in digital marketing.

  • Gravity marketing:

What is gravity marketing? In gravity marketing, the process of work is in a way that the customer is attracted to the seller. SEO site and content marketing are the most important tools of this kind of marketing. It means that you can attract a lot of users to yourself in the world of internet by discussion about SEO. In the digital marketing world, you should use all the tools on time and in a suitable position.

  • Viral marketing:

Another subject that is discussed in marketing, is viral marketing. These days viral marketing, is one of the best kind of advertising in digital world. Surely you have heard about million incomes of social networks such as telegram channel. There are many online social networks that can be used as the best tools for viral marketing. You can reach to your goals by marketing in social networks.

  • Email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most important things in digital world. If you are looking for your own marketing in digital world, you are surely familiar with domain of email marketing. You can present your products and services to your online users in the form of email by email marketing. The feedback of this method is lower than recent years but it is still in competition with other marketing tools in internet world.

  • Marketing social network and content marketing:

Social networks and content marketing are also one of the most important issues in the internet world. You can use this powerful tools for your internet marketing. Also you should consider that activity on social networks, not only will have a good effect on content marketing but also it has a significant influence on your SEO site. Activity on Twitter, Google plus and link dean are most important parts of social networks that you can use in social network marketing.

Internet advertising:

Internet advertising having different ways of digital marketing. In this section of this article, we will present different ways of internet advertising for you:

  1. Google advertising: Google advertising is one of the most powerful advertising method in digital world. You can be at the top of Google results by Google advertising and it depends on your type of advertisement.
  2. Click advertising: click advertising is one of the effective ways on your brand. By click advertising, your advertisement will be present on large and small website by banner.
  3. Reportage advertisement: after banner and click advertising, the reportage advertisement is the most influence advertising in your brand in the digital world. Reportage advertising is kind of advertisement that publish on news site as a news. You can introduce your products and services by using this advertisement and get a link finally.

The main properties of digital marketing services:

  • Updated information in digital world
  • Implement digital marketing in your collection
  • Advising client about digital marketing
  • Using newest methods of digital marketing
  • Professional support

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FastSEO is a great and value property in our strategy of our online marketing. We are using FastSEO services for few years and in these years, we could get success and rank our websites. Our process was so wonderful and great and we could develop our website and also overcome in our competitor by using FastSEO so we decide to use the services of FastSEO forever.
Mehmet Arkan
sales Manager
When we started to use services of FastSEO, our traffic expanded by 75 percent and it had a great effect on our website and it got also numerous keywords and caused our page will be the first page of search engine. Actually by using the services of FastSEO, the keywords improved averagely 60 percent. Most of the content that was created by these services collected more than 300 share via social media.
Adnan Yaskin
Digital marketing analyzer